HealthRider total body aerobic exercise machine

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Date Posted : 2012-09-24
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This is the Total Body Aerobic version ,it's in immaculate cosmetic condition with nothing missing or broken,mechanically it's in tip top shape. This is a quite effective littel exercise machine,theres a great deal of reviews and info about these online, including a good number of videos (mainly instructional) on youtube. There are no springs or giant rubber bands to contend with and using this thing is blessedly simple with the intensity of the exercise controlled by a few easy adjustments but don't be fooled by this device's simplicity it's designed for versatility,making an aerobic cardio regime and/or the toning of specific muscle groups possible with seemingly small incremental adjustments and combinations. The HealthRider also provides a low impact workout so anyone suffering with a recent injury or illness can rebuild begining with a suitably gentle program ,though this isn't to suggest that the HealthRider's main purpose is rehabilitation as even the healthiest and in shape athletes will reap it's benefits ,however in the event that a person feels they can "outrun" the HealthRider (meaning that it doesn't tax them enough to benefit them),there is an optional accessory with wich weight can be added but form my understanding there's plenty of huffing,puffing and sweating before you need them (if ever). Last,a quality my wife and I both liked about this thing is that it doesn't take up a ridicules amount of space,it's wonderfully compact and when you pop the whole T making up the handlebars it gets even smaller and if you've ever owned a nordic track or even a regular exercise bike you'll know why this is important. Thank You for reading my post and anyone interested can call my cell phone @ 6103165690,Anthony .

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