Rob Roberson (Masi) Custom Criterion Frame & Fork Set (59cm)

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Date Posted : 2012-08-27
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I was a young lad working a bike shop in San Diego called Adams Avenue Bicycles when I first met Rob, who was something of a legend even then.
A few years later I was in a position to have a criterion frame custom built by Rob.

Joe Bell, another well known and highly respected institution in the So California cycling world, was responsible for the custom paint job.

Being a custom frame, it took awhile to complete and by the time it was I was sponsored and riding team equipment.
I rode this frame infrequently and never hard and never raced.`

If you know anything about Rob Roberson frames (and Joe Bell paint jobs for that matter), you'll know that my asking price is actually a steal. . .
Translation: don't low ball me :)

Seat Tube = 59 cm (center to center)
Top Tube = 57.5 cm (center to center)
Head Tube = 30.2cm (center to center)
Down Tube = 63.5 cm (center to center)
Rear Stay Top = 57.5cm (center to center)
Rear Stay Bottom = 64.2cm (center to center)
BB to Rear Wheel Stay = 41 cm (center to center)
BB to Front Wheel Stay = 75 cm (center to center)
Front to Rear Wheel Stay = 96.5 cm (center to center)

Top Tube Slope Angle = 4º
Head Tube Angle = 77º
Seat Tube Angle = 75º

Columbus® SLX Track Tubing (front triangle & fork set)
Columbus® SPX Track Tubing (rear triangle)
Cinelli® "Plug In" Fork Crown
Cinelli® Bottom Bracket Lug

Call Escher at 720-234-5699

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