I Am The Barnesville "horse Flipper"

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Date Posted : 2012-08-22
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My name is Hannah Travis. I live in BARNESVILLE, Ohio I buy/sell/trade all kinds of livestock and HORSES! Some ignorant people have been posting false infomation about me buying and selling horses. Obviously they have never bought a horse form me before or they would not say the things they say. For one EVERY horse I sell is sold with a GUARANTEE! Yes I buy horses form Sugarcreek... most of them through the "kill pen". I am a FIRM believer in SLAUGHTER... I would never get ANYONE hurt over a dollar. I am freinds with several traders that bring horses into Sugarcreek.. most of them DON'T represent them.. if I buy a horse form the "kill pen" and I know who the previous owner was I will go talk to them and ask them about that horse. Just like the gelding (Sorrel with a brand on his hip.. pic below) He came form a horse trader in Michigan after I bought him he came to me and said he had 30 days western pleasure training just like I posted... I have videos. I buy several 2-3 year olds every week at Sugarcreek and bring them home break them and eventually sell them... Maybe if I was a rescue and put a long sad story about the horse going to slaughter if I didn't buy it people would have better things to do with their lives than worry about me. My number is 740-619-0292 if anyone has a problem with me. Be a "man" or "woman" and give me a call... anyone can hide behind a computer and typo. Thank You!

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