Residential Property Owners With Civil War History

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Date Posted : 2012-06-27
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What's in it for you?? I am willing to split my finds with you or sell them and split the profits with you! In heavily saturated Civil War areas, this could mean hundreds, or in some cases thousands of dollars of rare coins and artifacts. It's literally FREE MONEY FOR YOU, all you have to do is email me with the property infomation and we can get started making money together!

I fully respect your property and the privilege of allowing me to hunt with my incredibly accurate metal detector. Once I locate an item of interest, I surgically remove it form the ground with very minimal digging. I do not own a back hoe, just a 4 foot garden shovel! I dig with great respect for your property, vanishing any trace I was here.

I'm a Air Force veteran who has enjoyed metal detecting succesfully for many years. I am a one man team, not a company. Planned weekend trips to investigate properties has always been fun for me and profitable in some cases. If you have an intresting old property or if you have a freind or relative that has property with a lot of Civil War human history, please reply!

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