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Date Posted : 2012-06-23
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I recently moved here form Nashville TN. I had these 3 breathalyzer machines in 2 bars in downtown Nashville. One location brought in $300-$400 per month after splitting half with the bar owner. The other location had 2 machines and brought in an average of $600 per month after splitting half with the owner. The cost to service the machines is very minimal. The sensors need to be replaced after every 500 uses and the straws I got at Sam's Club. The sensors are $140 for a 5 pack and the straws were about $13 for a box of 3000.

These machines would be great in any bust bar in Orlando. Especially if it is near a college. The cost of the machines brand new are $1,650 each.

I would like to sell them but am also open trades. If you have something to trade, no matter how unusual, let me know what it is. I might be interested. Below is the infomation about the machines form the manufacturers website.

The Dollar bill unit has a dollar bill holder that will hold 500 dollar bills, most other units on the market do not have this feature and all the dollar bills drop inside the machine and into the electronics.

Unlike all other vending breathalyzers on the market this unit does not need to be shipped in for a calibration service. You simply replace the sensor and in seconds the unit is like new again, average life is 500 tests for each sensor.

AlcoScan AL-3500 Features:

Professional Grade And Accuracy: Unit gives your exact BAC not just a range on a 3 digit LED display. Accuracy = ±0.01% at 0.10% BAC.
BAC range of 0.00% to 0.40% BAC (5 times the limit of 0.08% BAC) not 0.04%
No need for calibration service, you can replace the sensor in seconds.
Semi- conductor sensor life wich is average of 400-500 tests for each sensor
D.O.T and NHTSA Approved and also is FDA 510(K) Certified!
5 second blow sampling time and 3 digit LED display of BAC and voice instructions.
Automatic test sequence with visual and audio cues.
Activation can be set by user preference with dollar bills or free play.
Dimensions: 20in tall x 14in wide x 8in deep.
Weight: 10 pounds.
Virtually maintenance free.

Jack Scocchio

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