Go outside and look at the white sky Thats the truth

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Date Posted : 2012-06-23
Category : Politics

The sky WAS blue. Then Jets make 50-60 passes an hour ALL DAY LONG spraying white lines behind them.

Then as time goes by, those lines drift and coalesce together into lower level whispy "clouds" with no defined edges.

that is not to say there are not real identifiable clouds out today. There are. But not the ones above us.

Those are form the planes. You can lie and get others to believe you.

You can say I have poor spelling in your posting title. But it's not true.

You can pretend that you are not a paid Govt. Cointel peice of shit, but MANY of you are.

Real people know the real truth.

It's always easier to go along with authority. It's always easier to destroy than build.

Poisoned people dont fight back. Drink your fluoride and breathe your aerosols.

It's always easier to control with fear than to be a good leader.\\

Ask anyone on the street if they "trust" the goverment and 90% will say no.

If you ask them if they believe the nightly news the same percentage will say yes.

The news is controlled by the Governmet. the FCC decides who gets to say what and when.

Trolls can lie all day long but real people can see them a mile away. Today is a chemtrail troll day.

Fight em over there! heheheheh Watch WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING

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