Tips for attracting good players to your band

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Date Posted : 2012-06-22
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Don't call yourself an Artist if you don't write your own songs and/or play mostly covers. Instant idiot flag.

Don't ever use the word: serious. Avoid it especially if you are a cover band. There is nothing seriously musical about playing the same 100 songs to rural Tennesseeans who are perfectly content hearing only half for their entire lives.

Don't call playing for free or tips a "gig." Gig is a slang term for "job." Jobs pay $.
If you are not getting paid in real adult money your performance is known as a "show." Shows are not gigs.

Don't use the word "pro" unless you have an actual gig as defined above and don't follow the use of "pro" with any statements about owning gear or transportation.

Age requirements reveal where priorities lie. You either want good players or not There's nothing wrong with being concerned with visual presentation. That's what costuming/hair/MU are for.
It is next to impossible to find versatile comprehensive players without limitations in tone and ensemble skills under 30.

Don't live in Franklin, Smyrna, Murcreesboro, Turkey Holler, any town not Nashville.
Nashville is Nashville. Live in it. Especially if you expect to have good players driving to you house for free.

Don't use the word "audition" unless you have an actual professional situation. You wouldn't ask a carpenter to haul all of his tools and build you a set of stairs for free because you were thinking on building a full addition in the Fall.. Any situations not pro or not gigs are not auditions. They are try-outs or meetings. This whole using words correctly thing might seem trivial, but no where is grammar and spelling more revealing of a persons intelligence and experience than on CL and the good players who work and excel are using these terms correctly. So when they are misused it is noticed as ignorant and novice.

Don't inflate your self or situation.
Don't misrepresent.

Do make music.
Do make Art and love and be earnest and true and realistic.

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