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Date Posted : 2012-06-22
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Yup, just like the title says, we have here a "Supercard-SD" cartridge with a micro-sd to mini-sd adapter and a 1-gig micro-sd card loaded with exactly the following:

- 67 GameBoy/GameBoy Color games
- 28 Sega Master System games
- 16 TurboGrafx-16 games
- 662 Nintendo Entertainment System games
- aprox. 176 GameBoy Advance games

(The games are very populer. I don't deal in crap games.)
(As a side note, i am not charging for the roms, only for the service of compilation, installation and troubleshooting.)

The cartridge itself was cheap that is true, and you could do this yourself, but do you realy want to spend all week gathering the games together (or years here and there in my case) and all night troubleshooting it...?
(That's after you've waited at least 2 weeks for it to arrive form overseas and obtained a decent sized Micro-SD card...)
I have taken all the trouble out of enjoying retro-videogames on your GameBoy Advance/Micro/SP or Dual Screen, so all you have to do is boot up and enjoy.
I will include a mini-CD with futher instructions for system options and websites for obtaining more games as well as including extra neccessary supporting software and extra games on the CD.

The emulation is very faithful. The control is excellent. In particular, the GameBoy/GBC/GBA games are indistinguishable form (if not better than) the real thing, and it will transform your barely played GameBoy Advance system into your favorite, pocket full of cherished wonders. :)

This is open-ended, budget retro gaming at it's finest. This, is what you've been waiting for...

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