Canon 5d Mk2 & 7d production trailer 3000i Honda gen power Video/ph

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Date Posted : 2012-06-22
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Canon 5D MK2 & 7D, production trailer, 3000i Honda gen power & much more here!

I offer anything you need off this list of gear including myself as an assistant for $50 per hour! I come to your location or you can shoot in my studio space wich is 14' x 32' if you need studio space. If you just need me as an assistant I charge $125 for a half day rate up to 6 hours or $250 for a whole day rate up to 10 hours. Anything over 10hrs is overtime @ $37.50 per hour.

This is the list of what I have for rental including myself. I don't rent my gear without myself present because I don't have the proper insurance to cover my gear if something happens to it in your care.

Call or text me at 813-735-8314

Cameras, Lenses ,Tech & Lights:

Canon 5D mk2

Canon 70mm-200mm IS USM 2.8 lens

Canon 7D

Canon 24mm - 135mm IS USM 3.5-5.6 lens

Canon 16mm - 50mm IS 5.6 lens

Sekonic light / spot meter with built in transmitter for pocket wizard.

2010 iMac that is equipped with CS4 Photoshop, Final Cutpro and Capture Pro software that's only 2 years old. The iMac can also be tethered to your camera or mine.

(3) 4G flash cards, (2) 2G flash cards, & (1) 1G flash card with multi-card reader

(1) Bogen self adjusting 72" aluminum camera stand with triggers for leg height adjustments and a pistol grip ball head by Silk that holds up to a 300mm fixed lens with my 5D mk2 without a problem

(1) light weight aluminum old school 60" camera stand with manual head adjustments

(1) quantum turbo self-powered strobe flash kit wich includes turbo battery pack with shoulder strap, flash bracket for camera mount, and TTL for Canon or Nikon cameras. This unit can also mount on a stand or be hand held off the camera as a stand alone strobe that is self-powered. This is great for location sunset shoots. It also has dish and soft box attachments.

(5) speedotron strobe heads (black edition) and stands for each head

(2) 2400 watt speedotron power packs that can power up to 6 heads each

(5) 5" silver reflector dishes
(3) 10" silver reflector dishes
and a kit full of assorted grids for each dish

(1) parabolic soft white / beauty dish

(1) 72" octobank soft box

(1) 36"x20" small soft box

(2) self-powered 150 watt strobes with small soft boxes and stands

(2) quantum radio transmitters for strobes & (2) quantum recievers for power packs

Assorted kit of colored gels for strobes

I have my own photo/video studio if you need studio photography space or you want me to shoot for you. I can do product photography, fashion or portrait shoots. The studio space is 32'L x 14'W x 9'H

Grip gear:

6x6 scrim Jim kit with 6x6 Silver / white & 6x6 3/4 stop silk

Sun buster 1stop photec sunbrella

(2) 4x4 floppies on frames

(4) C stands with arms and knuckles

(4) #25 sandbags

4x4 framed white diffuser panel

Quick grips "A" clamps, "C" clamps, super clamp

Commercial, top of the line, hand truck that converts to a cart all in one

10'x10'x10' pop up tent with 2 folding tables and folding chairs

(2) 8'x8'x1" thick "V" flat white (bounce) foam core

9' roll super white seamless paper for backdrop

9' roll gray seamless paper for back drop

Pop up stand kit for 9' roll back drop

Rolls of gaffers tape: 2" white roll and 2" black roll

(1) 18' x 8' enclosed 2005 Haulmark Trailer. This trailer features a full kitchen just like home. Ice cold A/C and heat, make up area and wardrobe area with a professional steamer and ironing board with pro steam iron. Storage for all jewlry, costumes and gear including food and food prep area. As if this thing wasn't functional enough it also has a Digital Tech work station area where images can be processed with your own lap top or with my iMac that is equipped with CS4 photoshop, Capture pro, and Final Cutpro software that's only 2 years old. This thing was built for production and can fit in a single car parking space where more expensive R/Vs can't. It also comes with a 10'x10'x10' pop up tent with two folding tables and chairs for outside the trailer if needed.

(1) Honda 3000i super quiet generator with turn key start runs for over 11 hours at full power! This gennie runs my entire trailer's A/C, refrigerator, microwave, electric sink pump, lights, hair dryers, steamers, computers, and much more with power to spare! All while running crazy quiet like a car at idle, it's amazing!

DJ Gear and lighting equipment:

(2) Pioneer CDJ MK3 1000 decks

(1) Rane TTM 57sl with scratch live built in

(4) Mackie 15" self powered P/A speakers with speaker stands

(1) small party fog machine

(1) Mini line dancer ball light with 8 colors

(1) mini moon light with 6 colors

(3) Pro lighting LED 3 stage sound pulsing lights

And yes I DJ too!

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