Please Read! Jem (flamepoint male cat) Is Still Missing 9 Months Later

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Date Posted : 2012-06-21
Category : Lost Found

* UPDATE June 7 2012. I recently had a session with a pet pyscic (please dont judge me for this, & if you dont have something helpful to say dont say it!), & she believes that Jem may have gotten injured & disoriented & couldnt find his way home but is still alive. She believes that he may have been picked up by a "nice lady" & taken some where North of my home. Maybe a 10 minute or so car drive away. This lady may still have him or may have given him to a neighbor or freind. What the pyscic was able to give me was a name like (emphasis on LIKE as it might be close but not exact) Adrian or Andrina. It could be a road, someones name, or the name that was given to Jem, & there is something like a small lake or water fountain nearby (im guessing ditch). If anyone knows of a place, road, person or something similar to this in the area north of Alameda BLVD between Alameda & 2nd or so & Alameda & Rio Grande please message me to let me know! Yet again I just realy miss Jem & want him home! If you would like no questions asked just let me know & I wont ask! Please just bring him home!

Monday September 12th off of 4th & Alameda on Guadalupe tr NW my cat Jem turned up missing. I know it has been a long time, but since I never found any evidence that he died im going to post it anyway. Jem is a 3 year old blue eyed flame pointed woodpile Heinz 57 tom cat with medium to long hair. For those who do not know what flame point is its an off white cream color with orange on the face, paws, tail, & along the line of the back. Jem is neutered & was not wearing a collar nor is he micro chipped. Jem is/was an indoor cat that thinks he is a dog, & he ocassionally would go outside through the dog door. He would always end up on my next door neighbors property, & I would have to go get him because he could never get back over the fence & most of the time refused to go the long way around. Sometimes I would give him a few days to see if he could get back over, but it never happend. Im sure he had done his fair share of looking around, but the point is that he never left the 2 properties (none of my other neighbors ever saw him). These past months have been horrible for me. After he had been gone a few weeks I looked all over my neighbors' property (almost got sprayed by a skunk once) to see if he got stuck somewhere, as well as asking most of my neighbors to check their sheds, garages, RVs, & other places he might have gotten into. Ive put up posters, asked around, & nothing. Ive posted pictures of him below, & I know their not the best, but I was using my phone cam. The ones with the blue background were taken the day before he dissapeared. If you have seen this cat please PLEASE contact me! My mother & I participate in animal rescue so money is always realy tight & we cannot offer a reward, but please answer anyway form the kindness of your heart. I know its kind of pathetic, but I still check Cl, petfinder, & the local shelters' websites almost every day hoping he will magically pop up. I miss him so SO much & just want him home!

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