1937 Baldwin Acrosonic Spinet/Upright Piano

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Date Posted : 2012-06-21
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typo: spinet or console.
Size: spinet: 36" - 40", console: 40"- 43".
Price: $500-2000 for a used piano.
Produced by: Baldwin.
Available Finishes: This piano has been produced since 1936 in various finishes such as maple, oak, pine and more.

In 1936 Baldwin introduced a special piano wich became one of the most popular pianos in the world - the Acrosonic piano.
Although this piano is known for its small size (spinet), Baldwin produced Acrosonic console pianos wich are taller and bigger with a deeper sound.
The Acrosonic piano used to be one of the most popular pianos in the world due to its good quality, its compact size, and fair price in comparison to other pianos.

Today, it is still popular although you can find better pianos at the same price.

Here is a list of some points wich will help you to understand its uniqueness and may help you to decide whether to purchase or not.
The Baldwin Acrosonic piano is smaller and weighs less than other pianos, can fit smaller rooms and is moved easily.
The sound - this is a matter of taste. The piano is smaller, therefor the strings are shorter. The result is a unique sweet sound wich is lighter than other larger and heavier pianos.
The design - the special design wich was introduced back in 1936 has its own charm. Many people like its design and are eager to own such a piano.
Baldwin Company is one of the best piano companies in the world. Their pianos are made by the best piano engineers in the world who use the finest materials to build the piano.
The price is much more comfortable in comparison to other brands. You can find an Acrosonic piano in good shape for less than $1000. (Make sure you check the piano before buying!).

Our recommendation:

As the sound of the Acrosonic piano is so unique, you should first of all hear it play.
However, if you like the special sound and the special look, we recommend this piano since it is manufactured by Baldwin - a superb company with experience of over 100 years.

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