Pastured Pig - Ready for Butchering

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Date Posted : 2012-06-21
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Pig ready to butcher - last estimate around 250 Lbs, but that has been a few weeks and he is growing daily - so I'm going to estimate he'll be 275, but probaly somewhere between 250-300. We'll get the true weight when he is delivered to be processed. He and his pen mates have had plenty of room - fed on pasture, local grain, and surplus produce and foods (bread, dairy, etc.). No antibiotics or hormones added to their feeding schedule as is typical in large confinement operations. My philosophy is that I should only use treatments for actual illnesses as you would with your kids rather than it being a constant part of their diets as happens in many operations today. Typically medications are unneeded for pature raised animals that have plenty of room and fresh air. This is a happy, healthy pig that I was planning to have butchered for our own use when he was ready. However, his pen mates have already filled my freezer as well as that of others we sold to because he is ready sooner than I need him yet. So I am going to go ahead and sell him rather than keep him longer. I will be ready to start a few more young ones soon and would just as well spend my efforts getting things ready for them than working with him each day. My last one I took to 370 and the meat was incredible so I could keep him longer, but I prefer to load one that isn't so much larger than me just in case they decide to be contrary. Most aren't since I treat them very well, but a 400-500 Lb. hog can be intimidating to try load and I'd prefer not to take that chance. I've put a lot of time and effort into raising these pigs to provide healthy, more natural pork rather than the building confined and chemically treated ones that are so prevalent today. And quite frankly, I probaly would have prefered that I could go ahead and recieve the benefits of butchering him for my family after all the love and work I've put in. And because I've loved the ham and bacon form our others as well as the sausage, pork chops, ribs, BBQ, etc. that I've raised over the last couple years. So I won't sell him too cheap. But I'm willing to sell him for $1.25/Lb Live Weight wich is much cheaper than you might spend for comparable meat and wich I think is better than a fair price for what you're getting. I know this is quite a bit cheaper than the other pasture raised pig prices I've seen ($1.75 and up) - and their prices are fair for the quality they probaly provide. However, at this time, I'm also not doing this as a full time farming operation where I need to make a real profit as others may need to do. basicly I am raising them to provide for my own family and a few other freinds or family members and I enjoy working with the animals. So I mostly need to recoup my investment and maybe make a few bucks for the months of work I've performed, but I definately cannot lose money or my wife won't let me continue with my plans to keep raising these high quality animals. I may need to raise the price for the next ones if local grain prices are higher or I decide to work for an actual profit, but I'll deal with that when the time comes. I can deliver to Odon Locker or Cannelburg Processing Plant. I have personally used both and enjoyed the meat each provided. You'll be responsible for all processing costs - mine has typically averaged out to only about 50 cents per pound of live weight for everything so that isn't bad, but that will depend largely on your cuts, curing, spicing, etc so it might be a littel less or more. Call 812-254-2522 - leave me a message and I'll get back with you in the evening when I'm home (or after I'm done feeding your possible porker and my other animals). I'm attaching a few pics just so you can see that he has indeed been given a lot of pasture room wich he has enjoyed rather than be in confinement (and the proof will be in the superior meat you'll recieve).

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