GOP's & Romney's unsustainable energy policies.

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Date Posted : 2012-06-11
Category : Politics

Even as red flags continue to pop up every year, the latest in record shattering temps should cause us to pause and reconsider how we're rapidly consuming the Earth's un-renewable resources. The average Americans carbon footprint is 30 times that of an E. Indian, 60 times that of an average African, and it's been estimated that Humans would need 1 ½ Planets to supply resources at the present rate of consumption, and will require 2 Earths in another 20-25 years. Obviously, this level of enviromental pressure and exploitation is NOT sustainable, and as signs that population demands are adversely affecting enviromental systems accross the Globe, the republican "plan" foward is to drill more, burn more and go on as if there's nothing to cause concern. Global warming IS happening, IS caused by Humans burning fossil fuels, and is thereby changing the balance of atmospheric heat-trapping gases. But it IS reversible if we tackle the difficult question of how our country has been built and expanded around the use of FF's, and put our faith and resources into combating energy over-consumption and industrialism. The consequences of this imbalance will continue to take center stage as enviromental disasters related to changes in atmospheric CO2 levels continue to increase and multiply exponentially. The science is certain, but the complete lack of polical will is alarming, and will spell failure in any attempts to turn around the looming climatic catastrophe without citizens rising up and insisting our country pursue a path away form the Big Oil/Coal paradigm that have been lobbying relentlessly for their own self-interests, and AGAINST that of changing our consumerist society and infrastructure to a more renewable and sustainable energy path foward. Some things are far more important than making money for ultra-rich industrialists and perpetuating the status quo at the expense of the Global enviroment. The future security and enviroment for our children and grandchildren is most certainly one such thing.

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