Electrice Oven/Range -- Frigidaire Cookmaster Deluxe

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Date Posted : 2012-06-09
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When we bought our house, it came with these awesome antique kitchen structures. After our kitchen remodel, we just don't have the room for them anymore.

- A vintage Frigidaire Cookmaster Deluxe over/stove/storage (circa mid-late 1960s)
- A cast iron, painted sink with drawer structure underneath

Both items are for sale.

The oven is fully functioning. I am a baker and I actually realy love how quickly it heats up and then how evenly it bakes. 3 of the 4 electric stove coils are fully functioning, as well. It has one large drawer on the bottom for pans and baking sheets. It has another full-size storage drawer for whatever else you need the storage for. The top of the appliance also has a flat workspace--it served as our only peice of "counterspace" for 6 months and held up realy well and is definately big enough to prepare a whole meal, when needed.

Other ideas...when we intended on keeping it as a decorative peice, we were going to use it as a vintage wet bar/bar storage. We were also going to put it out in our garage or basement as a gardening workspace. Feel free to contact me for other ideas.

Stove Dimensions:
HEIGHT: 36 1/2 inches
WIDTH: 40 inches
DEPTH: 26 inches

I will be posting pictures soon. In the meantime these pictures are nearly identical:

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