Derek & The Dominos Layla 40th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edi

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Date Posted : 2012-05-18
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The core Layla album is presented in numerous formats in the box set: 2 LPs of vinyl, a remastered CD, and an audio DVD. The latter format is most definately the ideal way to go! The undisputed master of surround sound, Elliot Scheiner, has created a new 5.1 mix that handily bests the 2004 SACD surround mix by Mick Guzauski and Simon Climie. Scheiner, all too infrequently employed in the present, diminished surround market, has provided a dramatic mix that isn't a mere wall of sound. It's a room of sound, a total barrage. The rear channels are used to amazing effect, with pianos tinkling and guitars ringing. Can I ever listen to "Bell Bottom Blues" in stereo again? I'm not sure! Scheiner's immersive interpretation of Layla deserves a stand-alone release in the DVD-Audio or Blu-Ray Audio format, as DTS and Dolby Digital don't offer full advanced resolution sound. (Oddly, Universal made Rush's Moving Pictures available in surround in both formats.) The good news, though, is that anyone with a DVD player and 5.1 setup can hear this mix. Scheiner's mixes are never subtle but they're always tasteful and realistic, devoid of gimmicks. Layla is no exception. (One bonus track, "Mean Old World," has also been mixed into surround and concludes the DVD program.)
$195.00, cash only. Still sealed. 360-303-2661.

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