Cincinnati Ohio to Portland Oregon late June

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Date Posted : 2012-05-06
Category : Rideshare

I am looking for someone to ride along, and share expenses for this major road trip. I am moving, so this is a one way trip for me. It would also be ideal that you be traveling relatively light. I will have two guitars, my clothes, record collection, a bicycle, and my dog. He's a dachshund, so very small, and does fine in the car.

Here's the biggest catch. realy the only catch I guess. My car is a thirty-two year old, black bmw two door, with no air conditioning, or cruise control, and a five speed manual transmission. After plenty of work, it is pretty reliable, and still gets around 30 mpg.

As for me, I'm a twenty-two year old male, with plenty of ambition. I tend to get along with just about everyone. I've got a clean driving record with the exception of a few old speeding tickets. I've never been in any accidents, and I take good care of my car. I'd prefer someone close to my age, with similar taste, who knows now to drive a stick, and doesn't mind keeping the windows down for 2,350 miles.

Based on a few online calculators, the trip should cost about $300 in gas. I don't realy plan on staying in many motels or anything, but a few may be neccessary. I'm all for roadside camping in the right conditions.

So you know, email me or something.

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