Big Stand up Arcade w/Midway Games

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Date Posted : 2012-05-05
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We're moving and selling this already assembled big, stand-up arcade game. Works perfect!
Big Electronic Games has licensed 12 classic video games form Midway and put them into a classic arcade stand up...without the coin-op!

Games Included:

Rampage - The classic monster destruction game where you destroyed cities and ate humans!
Defender - Defend the human population form swarms of attacking aliens!
Defender II - The sequel to the space classic!
Robtron: 2084 - Two joystick control for chaotic action!
Joust - You are a knight flying on an ostrich, battling buzzard-mounted enemies!
Bubbles - Player controls a soap bubble in the kitchen sink, roaming about and mopping up crumbs, ants, and greasies. Watch out for the razor blades and roaches!
Splat! - The video game food fight!
Sinistar - Blast Sinisite crystals out of planetoids while fending off attacking enemy drones and Warrior ships. Collect enough crystals to destroy the evil Sinistar!
Root Beer Tapper - Gotta keep those customers happy!
Wizard of Wor - Defeat the Worluks in this maze shootout!
Timber - It's a lumberjacks worst nightmare...chop down trees while racing against the clock!
Satan's Hollow - Fight gargoyles and Satan himself!
The unit is built into a 62" tall arcade replica and has a built-in, full color monitor. Additional A/V inputs allow almost any existing home video game system, DVD player, VCR or other A/V product to be easily plugged in and viewed on the built-in monitor. Save your quarters and order today!

Big Electronics Games Stand-up Arcade Console with Midway Games

General Features:
Full size stand up arcade machine
Midway Stand-Up Arcade Series 1
Built-in 13-inch full color monitor
Arcade style joystick and button controls
A/V inputs
120 V 60 HZ 70 W power specifications

Included Games:
Defender I
Defender II
Satan's Hollow
Root Beer Tapper
Wizard of Wor

Unit Dimensions:
62 x 22 x 24-inches (H x W x D approximate)

Regulatory Approvals:

Package Includes:
Big Electronics Games Stand-up Arcade Console

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