What a joke The Un is!

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Date Posted : 2012-05-05
Category : Politics

Ok, enough is enough, we foot the bill for the wars and pay at least 25% of the total operating cost per yr, while our fine young men and women are losing their lives fighting for freedom in countries that are lost causes anyway.
Now the UN wants to piss on our freedoms, by taking our 2nd amendment rights away. Not today
Move the UN to China, You know, China, the one with all the money, and the China that will support taking guns away, right? Hell they ship them to all the bad guys anyway. They can create their own problems and will.
We should have never been involved with that outfit in the first place. It didn't work after WW1 (League of Nations) and it doesn't work now!
I mean, just how many U.N. sanctions have actually worked? Iraq, Iran, Korea, Syria, Africa, & our participation with NATO forces in Afganistan, Somalia, etc. Not many that I can see!
They couldn't run a a raffle of 100 tickets and, with them holding 99 of the tickets and they would still lose it!
If China doesn't want them, send them to France or the Congo or some other non-American country. Just get them the hell out of here and the sooner, the better!

P.S. "Sure, Chen Guangcheng will be safe. Just because the Chinese beat, torture and kill dissidents and protestors doesn't mean they won't keep their word."

- U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke.

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