Re2: Bush and Cheney were form the same state

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Date Posted : 2012-05-05
Category : Politics

Carpet bagger or not, Hillary Clinton met New York State's residency requirement when she ran for senator. Now think about how it would have been if Cheney had run for a post in Congress in Wyoming in 2000. He would not have met the residency requirement if he had stayed in Texas, right? So why was it ruled that he was not form the same state as Bush? I'm inclined to believe the whole thing was decided at Bohemian Grove. There we're talking about THE MOTHER OF ALL CONNECTIONS.

Where were you in the 3rd. grade when your teacher was explaining the term 'carpet bagger' ? Not to be partisan, but Hillary Clinton is the most recent and high profile carpet bagger that I can think of. Had no interest in N.Y. state, never lived there a day in her life, but bought a house and used connections to buy/win a Senate seat that was intended to catapult her to the Presidency.

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