Wanted! (alive please) Party Plan Consultatns for Free Advertising

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Date Posted : 2012-05-03
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We Welcome MOST Party Plan Consultants into the Az. Filler Pack.

The Az. Filler Pack is YOUR answer to ALL your Small buisnesses advertising for whatever you do! (Rated "G") of course.

Do you, own a small buisness? Have you started your own venture? Are you an Independant Contractor or Sales Rep? Are you, getting tired of your office job and thinking about being your own boss? Then come join others that are in the same position. The Arizona Filler Pack is meant for small buisness and entrepreneurs to help you grow and in the process build solid relationships for the future. There is nothing like synergy, & the Az. Filler Pack to help expand not only your buisness but yourself.

~~~~~ WHAT IS A FILLER? ~~~~~

A filler is ANYTHING Rated "G" that you choose to use to advertise your buisness and send to someone else to pass out for you.

You just have to be creative and make yours stand out above everyone else’s.

~~~~ WHERE DO THEY GO? ~~~~~

We have many permanent locations that we distribute the bags out at around town, every month at our Mighty Cup Market in Downtown Glendale, and at all of our Az. Small Biz Social Network Meetings, we have about 15 face to face meetings a month, form Sun City, to Goodyear to Mesa, plus they go out all over town, to many other various craft fairs, boutiques, farmers markets, street fairs, etc..

~~~~~ WHAT WE DO! ~~~~~

We add between 18 - 20 different buisnesses to each Filler Pack Bag we fill, & we fill 500 bags every 2 months.

~~~~~ FUN IDEAS! ~~~~~

Think about what YOU would like to see in a bag full of goodies, if someone handed a bag to you.

Samples, samples and more samples, how about some buisness card magnets or a notepad, with a notepad they will now see your name each time they use it, logo calenders, postcards or flyers, pens, pencils and who can't use a new key ring, or how about some fun buttons or mini gift bags. See our website for more great ideas.

The possibilities are endless our bags are, 12 x 18 x 3 so we have plenty of room to move. Be creative and use your imagination, we will accept any peice of advertising as long as it is rated "G", and, always remeber this, think about what YOU would like to find in a bag, if it was handed to you and put that smile into yours.

We want the guests we hand our bags out to, to feel like it is the Holidays 365 days a year! Everyone LOVES FREE Gifts!


500 Advertising peices $35.00 = 0.07 cents a peice
1,000 Advertising peices $60.00 = 0.05 cents a peice


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