Learn How to Perform a Mortgage Securitization Audit 5/25-5/27

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$2,995.00 for the 3 day course. (REjistER EARLY FOR THE EARLY-BIRD SPECIAL OF $2695.00) You will also recieve a certificate of completion recognizing you as a Mortgage Securitization Auditor "MSA"

Become Certified as meeting the CFLA requirements of a "Mortgage Securitization Auditor" "MSA"

Maintain Students Records in a Nationwide searchable database to verify and validate certification for prospective employers

Learn form Industry's Leading Experts

Obtain flowcharts, work product, and other proprietary trade secrets that have made millions for certified forensic loan auditors, its sponsors, and affiliates.

"This was an amazing seminar that gave me the knowlege to help Homeowner s to fight for their Right s against greedy banker s and mortgage companies."
Saul Golan

"Had a great time with the class and instructor s, class was informative and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about Mortgage Securitization"
Ellen Russell

"Learn as much as you can. Think outside the box and be analytical. Learning this will allow you to be helpful to the community as well as society. Enjoy the fact that we are here to help. If I can help just one person to stay in their home I have done society a world of good
Lakeisha R. Burrell

"This class is something that everyone in the mortgage profession, need s to take.
Jose Goyos

"The Securitization Certification Course is a power course for those of us charting un-charted territory."
Bobby Lister

"If your goal is to produce analysis reports that are high quality you need to make it to one of the CFLA training sessions."
Craig Pruitt

"As a forensic audit buisness owner looking to expand my product line, this course is invaluable, I believe that by adding securitization as a product/ service, my profits may more than double and I will be better able to serve my clients."
Elyssa Reynolds

"The course is a wake up call for the masses subjected to the fraudulent attack by the banks."
Chandra Anand

"This course provided practical knowlege to use in the real world. The instructors were very nice and knowlegeable with expansive experience in actual cases. I highly recommend this course for/ to anyone interested in saving their own home, or to gain the knowlege neccessary to do so. These tools could shape the entire mortgage industry for years to come "
Tony Risenberg

"The instructors are FANTASTIC and want you to learn "
William Younghans

"This program allows you to stop the banks in their tracks. Now, there is hope for homeowners to save their form forclosure."
Mark Wilk

"Come open minded ask questions talk to the instructors. The more you listen the more you learn. Thank you Art and Liz for a wonderful experience."
Jennifer Corrales

"If you have but one thing you do to futher your education, make it this course. This is something that can be utilized in almost every real estate situation that exist today. What you can do with the infomation you learn will change lives"
Carlos J. Rice Perez, Esq.

"I would recommend anyone that is on a quest to weaken the banks in their games of lies and deceit to do almost whatever it takes to take this course"
Nkosi Gray

"The instructors have great knowlege and experience in mortgage securitization audits. They are excellent instructors and impart the ability for the homeowner and attorneys solve the mortgage now "
Charles Christmas, Esq.

"Classmates were open and eager to learn. enviroment promoted real learning and interactive participation"
Valeria N. Tomlin, Esq.

"This course has helped me broaden client s loan analysis. I recommend this course to anyone in the real estate litigation buisness for serious consideration"
Ernest Gorriti

"Best student would have experience in area of mortgages, foreclosure defense, auditing and/ or legal field regarding foreclosure defense. Provides an excellent platform upon wich to develop dynamic and effective defenses, to turn the tables of lenders and /or their legal counsel regarding consumer mortgage defense. Instructors are enthusiastic and highly competent and informed with excellent teaching skills"
Linda J. Rougeux

"Great course for understanding mortgages and securitization after origination. AKA the secondary market BLACK HOLE"
James Kelley

"Excellent instructors They have in depth and practical knowlege of securitization audits"
Kyra Kelm

"Learning how to navigate through the securitization site and understanding the legal process of securitization makes this course extremely valuable"
Edward Reyes

"I appreciated the form and structure of the class. It lends some solid material for people to learn about the securitization process. Great instructors "
Stephanie Cooper Herdman

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