re bush Af1 racist

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Date Posted : 2012-05-02
Category : Politics

I think for starters if you want to be that ignorant and hostile you should rant and rave and learn how to read. I mentioned no names and presidents is plural meaning all. So how about a sorry for the misunderstanding. The point of my posts' are mostly class warfare. Repulsed that one man can have a jewl encrusted toilet on his ocean liner cruise toy(saw it on Robbin Leechs' show life styles of rich and famous) and then tell others they get to much and have to give up more. Should one person get all the money or should it be shared? I believe the Key is just as important as the Roller skate. The guys with all the money decided differently. Can not paddle the boat without the ores, one just as important as the other. food for thought.

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