AandL Auto

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Date Posted : 2012-05-02
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It may not account for much, but in my opinion, I wouldn't purchase a car form AandL Auto in Plattsburgh NY. They screwed over one of my family memebers, Putting off repairing the car past 30 day, then claiming it was past 30 days, and claiming he broke it. Yet, it was like that the night he brought it home. Now, the claim that he, somehow, managed to cause the cv joint to be bad. Ya, in 45 days time, caused the CV joint to BE BAD. When he picked it up, within days, the joint went bad. But its his fault. form day 2, the car mysteriously dies. Not at stoplights, or when first starting it. But when you are driving down the freakin road. Now, sure, some people have to go there, because of poor credit, etc. But for this guy, who buys cars at the auction, brings them home, slaps his sticker on them and sells them for an insane amount of money, to take advantage of people in this way, is WRONG. Any way, would love to hear form anyone else that has had problems with them.

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