2005 Vox AD120vt amp w/ vc12 foot controller

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Date Posted : 2012-05-02
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AD 120 vt Amp is in decent condition, a couple littel nicks here and there but is 100% functional. This thing is loud and more than i need. Has tons of features including speaker/power select and headphone jack wich are two of my favorite. Will sell seperate for $450 o.b.o.

VC 12 foot controller is in perfect condition, functionally and cosmetically. Allows you do do almost anything with this amp while still playing, tons of effects, etc.. Will sell seperate for $200 firm.

"Long known for excellence in amplifiers, Vox once again steps foward with their new ADT120VT. In creating the Valvetronix modeling amps, their goal was clear: design a versatile amp line that sounds and feels great. Marrying the tube technology that made Vox famous with breakthrough digital modeling technology form Korg results in a completly new kind of modeling amp - one that not only recreates the sound, but actually changes itself to model each and every power amp on its list. And what a list! Vox (naturually), Fender, Marshall, Boogie and more. Built-in pedal effects and digital ambient effects round out this killer amp.

Two 12" speakers
32 programs
Pedal effects include:
Acoustic simulation
VOX wah
Octave divider
Treble boost
Tube overdrive
Fat overdrive
Digital effects include:
Delay Effects:
Tape echo
Multi-head delay
Reverb Effects:


"The Vox VC-12 starts with the same capabilities of the VC-4 Foot Controller, such as Program Selection, Tap Tempo, built-in Tuner (with Mute function), Individual Effects On/Off selection, Wah pedal (that can also control Volume), external Volume pedal input, and Parameter Control. It also offers a second Controller pedal for Volume (both pedals are heavy duty, chrome topped, as used on VOX Wah pedals), as well as large, heavy duty stomp box switches, independant Bank Up/Down switches, and a Recall switch to automatically revert to the prior selected program.

In addition, the VC-12 is capable of storing four banks of Valvetronix amp user programs. Valvetronix amps alone can store 32 programs, whereas the VC-12 offers the user an additional 96 programs for a total of 128. Programs can be stored form any Valvetronix amp into the VC-12, and loaded into another amp. As an added bonus, the VC-12 can control two Valvetronix amplifiers at one time.

A large, road-worthy casing gives a sturdy look and feel to the entire system. To minimize cable clutter on stage, the VC-12 is conveniently powered by the Valvetronix amp it is connected to (via the VOX Buss Main interface cable, wich can also for connection with the ToneLab Amp and Effect Modeler)."

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