Ahoy! Would Be Pirates!

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Date Posted : 2012-05-02
Category : Talent Gigs

We be lookin fer a crew of zany, gnarly, unkept, cutthroat pirates. (Aye, ye caught us - we actually be lookin fer people ta portray pirates.) To be on our crew ye must be in 5th to 12th grade rite now, ye must be able to snarl "Arrr!", N ye must be able to act like a pirate. Can't act or talk like a pirate? Dun't ye worry cuz we be teachin ye what ta say N do. Ye need not be exparr ... expora ... Ye need not ta have dun it befar either!

Mor stuff ye be needin ta kno will be out soon. Fer now ye can email us through this posting. Ye parents, gaurdians, current captains, etc., may email us also. We be gettin back ta ye as soon as possible ta answer any questions and give ye mor info.

Jest so ye know - we be lookin fer both male and female pirates. The mor the scarier! Opps, we be meanin: The mor the merrier!

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