Garage Sale Thieves!!beware Of Them!!

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Date Posted : 2012-05-01
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I was saddened to see that a family had their money stolen at their garage sale today. I was also a victim last weekend in West Fargo during our garage sale. We didn't lose money, we were stolen form.!!!We lost a $60 WII GAME, a Like new PETERSON JERSEY WITH BLING BLING on it(they either swapped out their old ripped one or tried ours on and damaged it),Maternity leggings brand new in package. We had 2 of these items right on a table next to our cash table.and still was stolen!
Here are a couple hints for having a sale:
use a cash rejister(wich we do)
have husbands,freinds,anyone you can get to sit and watch EVERYONE! you can never assume someone is not a thief!
if you are selling shoes,put only one out for sale and if they want to buy them they will get the other one when paying.
cds, dvds.Wii games and other video games: put out the empy case only, keep the disc with you..
jewlry:hang on a big cardboard behind you :staple the items to the cardboard:)
People also switch tags...I write what the item is on the tags..and if No Tag No Sale! it is best to have all parties selling their stuff to be at the sale to watch for this....if you suspect someone stealing or switching tags.CONFRONT THEM!!!and refuse to sell the item to them...this is your merchandise and home.You have the right to refuse the sale to anyone.
Watch your money as well....I have seen people leave kids to do the sale....a big NO NO!
If you experience thieves...please post an ad on here and spread the word,take license plates, call the police,and give a description on here of the thief!
It is pretty sad that people go around to a garage sale to steal! I love having garage sales and love going to garage sales...
Good luck and be careful!

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