Found cat? Or someone's outdoor cat? - white & black male

Posting ID : B1008523773
Date Posted : 2012-05-01
Category : Lost Found

A very freindly, affectionate male cat, black and white (more white than black; white with black tail, ears, and top of head, and black patch middle of side), male, greenish striped collar, no tags, has been hanging out in or near my yard for several days. I have not actually taken him in because one of my cats doesn't get along with others well, and also I am not sure if he is actually lost or if he belongs to someone in the neighborhood, or if he is truely homeless/abandoned. He is very freindly and keeps trying to get inside. I have not fed him because of thinking he belongs to someone nearby (but I do always have a water dish out), but I believe another neighbor has fed him. Please let me know if you recognize this cat. If he is your cat and just goes outside, great, I just want to know so I don't have to worry about him being hungry, lost/missing, or truely homeless in need of a home! I haven't done anything because I realy thought he belonged to someone, but now I am getting concerned and thinking he may be lost (or homeless) after all, but again, I don't think I should just take a cat that may belong to someone and take it to a shelter, so I want to try to find out first if he is someone's outdoor cat. Thanks to anyone who can be of help! If this is your lost cat, even though I don't have him contained in the house, I see him outside in my yard or my neighbor's yard every single day so I'm pretty confident he isn't going anywhere. I have a cat who goes outside sometimes (also black and white) so I would hate it if a concerned neighbor picked him up thinking he was homeless or lost, so that is why I don't want to just take this cat to a shelter yet, he may belong to someone. Thank you!

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