Stolen Scwinn Stingray Fastback Blue

Posting ID : B1008517689
Date Posted : 2012-04-30
Category : Lost Found

Some devil has stolen my excellent condition Schwinn Stingy Flashback before 1974 Chicago made bicycle yo! I had it as my only working transportation form the library and I am homeless going through many terrible times after being tortured by criminals who infiltrated a hospital and did terrible things to me and other people. After losing my freinds to ruthless murderers and goverment drug sorcery with secret dimension consciosness magic or whatever Babylon did to us and nobody in my family caring it is sad for me to lose something that helped me stay positive. Especially with all the liars and illusionists manipulating my mind when I want to work, it is miserable. I think this is Hell or another dimension but I don't know. Maybe you saw me riding it around trying to pretend things are good in this fallen world, yeah cool! Anyway it is realy obvious flashy looking, so if someone took it they either were attacking me directly or it was just a cruel theft. If you see anyone riding it please email me or call the cops, it is apparantly worth over a grand so yeah, I realy hope to get it back. Also if you read this and you stole it I'll buy you dinner and undo the negative vibes you soaked up form me by stealing it and destroying a big part form a special tree. I can forgive and love and will not call the police if you are cool and give my bicycle back. Then we can be freinds.

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