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Date Posted : 2012-04-29
Category : Business Mgmt Jobs

Job Title: Director of Administration
Reports to: CEO

Top local real estate company seeks new Director of Administration to help grow a national-top-10 real estate office with future-hall-of-fame CEO. The primary roles of this position, by order of priority, will be relationship-building, support of the leadership & agents, management of all office operations & administrative functions, and managing all finances.

This person will be responsible for keeping the office and leadership on-track for succesful growth. They will drive miscellaneous projects and co-create models and systems to help the office improve both operationally and financially. Candidates are encouraged to think of this position as that of both Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

Candidates should exhibit natural leadership ability, strong relationship-building skills, moderate levels of assertiveness and flexibility, and a strong sence of urgency. It is extremely important that the candidate be able to have fun and create a fun enviroment while achieving at a high level and leading others to do so, as well. They will proactively handle challenging people/situations, and be accommodating with a supportive attitude. They will have persistence, strong follow-up skills, and comfort with routine. They must be relaxed, steady, and work with methodical pace while using proof/facts and a high level of objectivity/impartiality in their actions and descision-making. They must have the ability to work with facts and technical infomation, have a strong attention to detail, be cooperative, and work "by the book." They must establish and nurture personal relationships and must be comfortable with personal conflict that may arise. The individual must be an independant descision maker, self-sufficient, and self-directed in their activities.

The primary focus of the Director of Administration will be the growth of the office through driving agent services such that agents are completly satisfied with the level of service and value provided. The DA will be tasked with managing, training, and consulting the agent services team and assisting leadership in the management of all office operations and will be the initial point of contact for existing agents and new hires.

If you fit this description and are interested in being considered as a candidate, please send an email with the following attachments:

2.Cover letter detailing specific examples of your experience with servant-leadership, attention to detail, and problem solving skills.
3.Copy of the DISC behavioral assessment. (If needed, a free assessment may be obtained at

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