SafeHome for Seniors - Evaluation

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Date Posted : 2012-04-28
Category : Household Services

Are you a senior (or a family member) who wants to stay in your home, living independantly for as long as possible, but are concerned about having a accident/injury that could change that?
Everyone wants to live in their own home for as long as possible. You want to sleep in your bed, watch your TV, eat form your refrigerator, sit on your couch, etc... No one wants to have an injury that
could land them in the hospital or a nursing home. But, has your home been evaluated for slips, trips or falls? Have you taken the time to go over how making certain changes in your enviroment
could be the difference between being independant and being dependent? Most people haven't -- who has the time and realy, are you sure of what you're looking for?

I have over ten years of caring for elderly family members and I have continuously done research to find the products, devices and adaptations that make a home safe and free of hazards.
Don't wait till it's too late -- don't wish you had -- contact me today for an evaluation of you home. There is no pressure to buy anything, Within a week, you will recieve a typod, room by room
evaluation of you home to do with as you please.

Don't hesitate -- you made your home safe for your babies and children as they grew up in your home. Do the same for yourself and give the whole family peace of mind.

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