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Date Posted : 2012-04-26
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Our farm is 4 acres and is located right in the heart of South Tampa. We are greenbelted for tax purposes and grandfathered by the city thereby allowing us to be very agrarian. This is not a hobby farm but rather a full time working enterprise. Our stock includes the following productive animals: Three Jersey milking cows, one Jersey cross & one Ayreshire milking cow, 350 Rhode Island Red chickens and about 130 beehives. We also have one Jersey bull, one fine quarter horse, one jackass, three weaned yearlings (including a full bred Jersey heifer, and a bunch of hogs a-raising up. We have a large barn, a great milking parlor, plenty of cross fencing, a large garden, a brooder house, hen houses, and a segregated area for the bees. Of course, we have tractors, trailers, trucks and a shop.

We sell our production using the honour system. One comes to the farm (on a dead end road), parks and (if he wants honey) the honey honour stand is outside the picket fence. If the visitor wants milk or eggs, he or she simply walks through the walk-in gate, goes to the open porch on the side of the house and looks into the merchandizing cooler unit displaying our wares. If the visitor wants to see what we look like as a farm, he would simply walk on to the back. We are open during all daylight hours and as I've said, every thing is on the honour system. The honey stand has a slot in the counter top to deposit your payment and the merchandizing cooler has a bowl inside to recieve your money and to make change.


Milk -- Of course, the Florida Department of Agriculture's Division of Consumer Services declares by law that the sale of raw, unpasteurized & unhomogenized milk is not fit for human consumption. therefor, our milk is labeled FOR PET CONSUMPTION ONLY. But, we do the following: We test each cow for Bruscillosis and Tuberculosis and test each cow's milk (in her cycle) before selling for traces of antibiotics and mastitis. We have a good milking parlor, trained personnel and clean conditions. Our milk production is currently 14 gallons per day. The milk lasts for about 12 days (under proper cooling), comes in glass jugs and has about 2 inches of cream on each gallon. Cost to you is $7.50 per gallon for plastic and $9.00 for glass.. The milk you buy will be not over one day old.

Eggs -- We currently have 350 Rhode Island free range chickens (all brown egg layers) spread out in 4 different coops. We free range our birds in the afternoon. 250 are currently laying rather large brown eggs and 150 are young hens just past the pullet stage that are just starting to lay. Our egg production presently is about 18 dozen per day. Our . cost to you is $4.00/dozen for the large eggs . We also sell 1 and 1/2 dozen cartons and flats(30 eggs, when available). Our eggs are sold typically the day they are layed. Of course, even eggs produced on this farm, because of the stringent processing requirements of the Florida Department of Agriculture, have to be labeled FOR PET CONSUMPTION ONLY.

Honey -- We have 130 producing bee hives. We specialize in Orange Blossom(OB) honey wich is the finest raw OB honey around. The OB was produced form our hives this Spring in Polk County. WE ARE, AS OF MID FEBRUARY OUT OF OB HONEY) We also produce local honey whcih is a very good darker honey. The local honey was produced in late June through August, harvested in September and is now on the stand. The cost, for any honey, is $7.00 for one pound, $14.00 for three pounds and $45.00 for 12 pounds.

Manure for fertilizer - - We have two typos for sale and one kind for free to milk and egg customers. For sale there is processed mulched dry chicken manure for $10.00 per 50 lb. bag and dry cow manure for $10.00 per 50 lb. bag. Our horse manure is free to milk and egg customers. The cow and chicken manure bags are located next to the honey honour stand


Our physical address is 6101 South 2nd Street, Tampa, Florida 33611. If you are driving south on MacDill Avenue you would take a left going east on Interbay Blvd. The third street on your right will be 2nd Street. Turn right going south and go till the dead end. Look to the right and you will see the Honey Honour Stand and the front of the farm. My name is Marion Lambert and my cell phone number is (813)892-9418. For futher clarification or better directions just call.

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