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Youtube video why post on there?
Don't let the money you've already spent on your commercial go to waste. You should stretch your ad dollar even futher by posting your commercial on Here's why:

1. Your Commercial's Already Produced
You spent your ad dollars to create an effective TV commercial so make the most of your money. Posting your commercial to YouTube is free and you get a longer shelf life on your ad even after your run on local airwaves is over.

2. New Way to Reach Customers
There are a couple of new ways to reach customers by posting your commercial on YouTube:

•Invite Current Customers
Send an invitation by mail or Email to your customers inviting them to watch your commercial on YouTube. If you have a newsletter mailing list or contact Email addresses, send a personal Email that announces your commercial and where they can see it.

Just be sure your customers have given the okay to be contacted so your company isn't considered a spammer. You always want to make sure you send any bulk Email responsibly.
•Reach Customers Outside of Your City
Millions of people visit YouTube and the site's traffic consistently falls in the top five of every online ranking system. Even if you live in Small Town, USA, selling local products, you have the ability to reach new customers by taking your ad campaign outside of your immediate area.
You may or may not get a sale because someone saw your ad on YouTube but you could generate a lot of buzz, wich leads us right into the number three reason to post your commercial on YouTube.

3. Possible Local Coverage
There are a couple of ways you can get even more exposure for your company by posting your ad online. Make a PR effort after your ad is posted. Send press releases to local media outlets announcing that your company is taking its ad ad campaign online with your TV commercial being available on YouTube. This is a good story for newspapers, magazines and Web sites that cover local interest stories.

Don't ignore your TV markets, though. While this is not realy a story that's a right fit for TV coverage on its own, you never know when a morning show needs a guest to talk about online advertising and what you've done.

You also want to keep tabs on how your ad is doing. When you reach a milestone, such as 10,000 views, a spot on the "Most Discussed" list, being featured, etc., send out another press release to announce the latest news. Be agressive with your PR efforts to get the most out of your YouTube ad campaign.

4. Potential to Earn Revenue
You can get paid when people watch your ad on YouTube if you qualify for YouTube's Partner Program. You'll want to stay on top of your PR push after your video is posted. The more people that view your ad, the higher your commercial's rank climbs, the more potential you have to earn money back on what you've already paid to have created.

5. An Easy Way to Get Your Ad on Your Site
Your Web site helps advertise your company. Take your ad campaign to a whole new level by allowing your customers to watch your commercial just by visiting your Web site.

Once you've posted your ad on YouTube, you can easily put it on your site. There are a number of reasons why you would want to do this:

•Save Your Bandwidth
When potential customers come to your site, they need to be able to see your products, prices and answer any of the questions they have fast. If you have people watching your commercial through your own site's bandwidth, that commercial is hogging the speed and slowing down your site.

Most small buisness Web sites don't have a lot bandwidth to support videos being watched because they don't need it. After your ad is on YouTube, though, you have the option of linking to your ad or embedding it on your site. YouTube covers the bandwidth and your site continues to run smoothly and unaffected.

•Increased Video Views
Adding a link or embedding it on your site helps your video views. Since the commercial's hosted on YouTube's server, you get credit for every view. This also increases your commercial's rank, wich helps you in your PR efforts as well as your potential to earn money if your ad becomes popular enough.

Many companies are missing out on a unique opportunity to attract customers. Don't post your ad and call it a day, though.

Be sure to follow up with an agressive PR push and track your ad's success. Not only do you get extra mileage out of your commercial, you never know who's watching.

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Order your No Risk Demo Now
Down payment on :30 spot- $50
Down payment on :60 spot- $100
Down payment on 2 min. spot-$200

Finish your ad: Pay your balance now
Balance due on :30 spot- $200
Balance due on :60 spot- $400
Balance due on 2 min. spot-$800

-No Risk Demo
After approving your script, the next step in the process of making your TV Commercial is the demo. We ask for a down payment of $50 for a :30 sec spot to start your demo. (Down payment for a :60 spot is $100 and for a 2 min. Spot, $200). The down payment is fully refundable within 7 days if you change your mind about making a TV commercial.

Within 7 days of sending your demo we ask that you make a descision about finishing the commercial. Typically, it works like this:

We send you an email with a link for viewing your demo.
Within 7 days, you view the demo and let us know if you have any changes.
We email you that your changes are within the price range of the approved script. (If your changes raise the cost, we let you know so that you can make a descision before paying the balance due. This is rare, since we ask you to approve a script before starting on your demo).
You pay the balance due on the commercial. For a :30 TV commercial you would pay an additional $200 ($250 minus your $50 down payment.
We complete the commercial and send you an email with the final version for your approval. Completion time is typically 1-3 days.
Upon your approval, we send the commercial to you in Windows Media, Flash format, and to the cable or TV station where you are running your spots.

Why do we ask for a down payment?

Because we want your feedback. We give you 7 days to make a descision about finishing your commercial. If you have changed your mind about making a TV commercial, that's ok, we understand. We will refund your deposit in full as long as you let us know within 7 days. After 7 days the deposit is non-refundable.

What happens then (after the 7 days)?

After 7 days your deposit is non-refundable. What happens next is up to you. You can either:

1) Pay the remaining balance and we will finish your commercial. (You have 30 days to pay your balance before we erase your demo.)

2) Communicate with us. We are happy to discuss a payment schedule for holding your demo longer than 30 days.

3) Do nothing. We will hold your demo for 30 days. If we don't hear form you during that time we will erase your demo form our hard drives.

What if I want to redo my demo after it has been erased?

Unless you have made prior arrangements for holding your demo, you will need to pay another deposit.

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