Got on 5 Consignor slots left ! Need Cash? Got Kids?

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Date Posted : 2012-04-21
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Email: lighthousekidssale (at) with full name and 2 contact numbers!!

Lighthouse Kids Clothing Sale


***RECEIVING DAY**** Thursday, April 26, 2012 9AM-1PM

Consignor's Pre-Sale Thursday, April 26, 2012 2PM -3PM

Open to Public Thursday, April 26, 3PM -- 7PM

Friday, April 27, 3PM-7PM

Half Price Sale: Saturday, April 28, 8AM -- 1PM

Pick up Clothes and $ Saturday, April 28, 4PM -- 6PM

All items have to be picked up before 6:00PM. Any items not picked up will be donated to local charities Saturday evening, so PLEASE mark your calenders!

Lighthouse Christian School 4565 Bemiss Rd Valdosta GA 31605

Receiving: All items must be recieved, racked and displayed BEFORE 2PM.

Any questions please E-MAIL Jennifer @ lighthousekidssale(at)


Please be mindful of the prices you put on your items. If you would not pay the price you are tagging your item with, most likely someone else won't either. I would not want to miss a sale for overpriced items. Also I wouldn't want the consignor to miss the profit because of the price.

1. 3x5 index cards MUSTbe used to tag items and MUST be attached with straight pins.-- NO safety pins, please.

2.Your seller number goes in the TOP RIGHT corner of each card

3.Mark your card "ND" (No Discount) in RED in the bottom left corner if you do NOT want your items to go ½ price on the last day.

4.Put the description& size in the middle of the card.

5.Put the price in the BOTTOM RIGHT hand corner.

6.Clothing items should be hung on hangers with "hook" facing the left when held in front of you.

7.Jeans/pants/bloomers should be secured to hangers with safety pins and/or to matching tops. (This is the only exception to safety pins. DO NOT use them to attach index cards!)

8.Toy items should be bagged securely & taped shut with tag on outside.

9.On Big Items, your seller number should be marked on the bottom with a permanent marker. Use strong, clear packing tape to secure your tag. (Scotch tape is not strong enough).

10.Shoes should be placed in Ziploc bags when they will fit, otherwise, tie shoe strings together or buckle shoes in pairs.

11.Inspect twice for stains-check knees, crotch, bottom, sleeves, collar, neck. PLEASE DON'T BRING ANYTHING WITH STAINS. WE WILL BE CLOSELY CHECKING EACH ITEM. Please be considerate of other consignors and DOUBLE CHECK!!!!!

Items to be accepted: Gently worn SPRING & SUMMER clothing items sizes NB thru Jr's Sizes; Formal & Special ocassion Wear; Baby Clothing & Items(car seats, bouncers, exersaucers, high chairs, etc.); Children's Furniture/Equipment; Playsets; Ride-on Toys; Videos/DVDs/Video Games and systems; Toys (without small peices); Books; Children's shoes (max 3 pr); NO SOCKS OR UNDERWEAR. Sorry No Maternity. Everything should be in great condition. Items with missing buttons, tears, and outdated items will not be accepted. Please make sure your items have not been recalled. We can not sell items that have been recalled. Also on the carseats, please make sure they have not been in a car accident. The sale of these are against the law!!!

Maximum number of clothing items is 30 peices. You make 70% of the sales price, less a $5.00 participation fee. We are not responsible for fire, theft, accident, or damage.



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