Kitchen/Personal Closet Decluttering/Organizing

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Date Posted : 2012-04-10
Category : Household Services

I was a chef/restaurant owner in NYC and worked with Martha Stewart. I learned much about organizing and keeping a functional kitchen. Nothing was hidden. Nothing was without intention. Now I am ready to help you re-image your kitchen to your personal closets.

Kitchen and Pantry:
Kitchen in need of a de-cluttering? Got a freezer nightmare? Does your work counter have enough space to prep your meals? Are your spices arranged according to usage? Are your pantry items labeled? Is your freezer and refrigerator space easy to access? If not, we can come to your rescue! My cleaning and organizing team will sort through the clutter in your kitchen, putting your cabinets, cookbooks, utensils and pantry in order. An organized kitchen will save you time and frustration.

Personal Closets:
After a 28 year modeling career in NYC, another Ford model and I put our experiences together and started "Re-Imaging Consultants," focusing on a person's self-image, their hair, make-up to their clothing style. We also helped those same clients de-clutter and reorganize their clothing closets.

I will come into your home and discuss your lifestyle and needs. After a consultation and evaluation, you will be given a closet assignment. You will assess the clothes you have and decide what you definately want to let go of or pass on to someone else (a charity such as "Goodwill", a consignment shop) or to toss. basicly you will have three kinds of bins--one is the "never-want-to-see-again" bin. Another is a " maybe" and the last is a "keep" bin. I will discuss the "keep" bin, giving you ideas on how to reinvent those clothes for a refreshed look. Closet organizational accessories such as consistent hangers or storage bins will probaly need to be purchased. I either work by myself at $60 an hour or with an assistant for $80. We are fast and effective.

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