Trade: My Professional Graphic Design Skills for barter

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Date Posted : 2012-04-06
Category : Creative Services

Some Ideas on how a trade could work...

Trade our commercial rates value for value.
You provide me with an estimate for the sale of your goods or services including your mark-up, just as you would for any other commercial sale. I will provide you the same for my services. We then exchange value for value.
Example: You normally provide message therapy sessions at a rate $75 per session. I typically charge $250 to design a promotional Ad for a customer. We could then Theoretically exchange 3 message sessions for the design of the Ad.

Trade time for time. (no one person’s time is any more valuable than another's)
Example: Providing a yoga therapy session requires an hour of your time plus travel and prep.
Designing a graphic requires X amount of hours of my time. We simply determine how long our services will require of us in actual hours and trade hour for hour.

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