wanting to start A Zombie Group

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Date Posted : 2012-04-04
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Hi I think that more people need to start having some typo of training being done befor the ZOMBIE's overcome the world, and alot of peoples freinds and familys end up dead!!!
I want to form a group of ZOMBIE killing people that will be Able to fend for our selfs when the whole world hits the shits!!!!
To be in this group you will need to own a GUN,and have basic gun skills/hunting skills.....(fast food wont be around, your gonna need to know how to find your own food)
If you own a GUN and have hunting skills then please join my group, the more people living, the better off where all be when the zombies out burst actually happens!!!!((its going to happen sooner then later,and everyone should have a fighting chance)) Also to join my group you need to be down to kill any walkers around us ((even if its your mom/dad/sister/brother anyone who is a zombie will need to be shot in the head)) only the strongest people will make it out of this terrible world of zombies (when it dose happen) and i want to give people a chance to live and fight thro the out burst!!! anyone that knows how to build houses and stuff is needed in my group (since we will be on the run alot and need to have a safe place to sleep at night)
I dont want to sound mean but, I dont think there is room in the group for small kids (kis under 8) they will just slow us down and get us all killed, its a bad idea sorry!!!
THE WORLD is going to be a TOTTALY DIFFERENT PLACE when the zombie out burst happens and like i said ONLY THE STRONG WILL MAKE IT out ALIVE!!!!...... that all being said......
THE GROUP needs the following typos of people.....
* Hunters/Farmers...
* Smart logic men/women...
* Guns/Weponds...
* Cars/Rvs
* People who can cook large food amounts for the whole group.../ people who will wash our clothes ETC!!!!!!!
** I will train everyone on how to kill zombie and provid more info to those of you who think it will never happen!!!!!
((to everyone who thinks this is stupid and zombies will never happen ill make sure your the first pice of shit we kill ))

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