Marshall Valvestate Vs 100 Half Stack (100 watt Head and 4x12 Cabinet)

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Date Posted : 2012-04-04
Category : Musical Instruments

What can you say about a Marshall halfstack? Its a Marshall Valvestate VS 100 Half Stack. 100 Watts of beautiful clean, distortion signals, sonic tones and power!

You'll hear every note with clarity (even distortion) and will be amazed by its clean signal. The reverb on board is phenomenal. If you love your reverb. You will LOVE the halfstack. Perfect for any genre, blues, country, metal, punk, indie, rock, ska, reggae, gospel anything realy.

Made in Great Britain, the thing is total quality. As the original owner, I've taken very good care of it and its been always reliable. It didn't get played as much as I would have liked to. But it always worked like a champ at gigs. The head is a collector's edition white and the cabinet is black. I would have a very cool all white Marshall halfstack, but I was slightly late when I put my order in.

It never got overworked or did any tours, its in great shape. It only did 10 local gigs if I can recall correctly. Also as a head's up, one of the cables on the back that connects for the headphone does need some fixing, but it does not effect the speaker outs. So if you bought it today, you could gig with it tonight with full confidence.

Any electrician or music repair place could fix the headphone cable in 10 mins for a small fee (I suspect less than $25.)

So overall an amazing deal, $450 for a 100 watt Marshall Head & 4x12 Cabinet. 100 Watts of Power. Collector's edition white head. This baby can play anything. Add a cheap multi-effect pedal, you'll have a better sound than spending $3000 on something else.

Of course, Local buyer's only. CASH ONLY. Act quickly this one will go quick!

p.s. That guitar is long gone. Sold it to a freind.

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