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Date Posted : 2012-04-03
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I have a few aquarium set ups for sale along with some equipment and fish. Prices are not set and will consider offers for fish and I am currently looking for an indoor pond or acryllic tank of 200+ gallons. If you are interested send me an email or text me at 304-483-4922

4 african cichlids, not particularly sure what they are but will post pics $5/ fish or whole group for $15
2 Nicaraguan cichlids, they are a pair and are getting ready to spawn $20 for the pair
6 convict cichlids, $20 for the group with some proven breeders
1 rotkiel severum $45
cherry shrimp $1/peice
2 senegal bichirs $30 for the pair at 6"ish
2 vieja synspilum believe they are a m/f pair and this speices, might be another typo of vieja $40
1 tilapia buttikoferi $30
1 barred midas $20
hatched on 3/28 ton of free-swimming nicaraguan cichlid fry take the entire batch for $15, I believe there are around 75

Aquarium Set-ups:
75 gallon aquarium with 1 top and a peice of glass that could be cut to make a lid, 4' strip light (T8), Aqua-Clear 500, Marineland Emperor 400B, and Marineland 300w stealth heater. $200
?? gallon hex aquarium with stand, lid and light, cascade 1200 canister filter, and fluval M300 heater $200
29/30 gallon aquarium with stand, light, gravel, heater, aqua-tech 30-60 filter, and decorations $60
20 gallon with heater, gravel, and aqua-clear 70 $40 might have light that will fit
20 gallon with heater, and filter $30 might have a light that will fit

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