Tpv the idiot strkes again

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Date Posted : 2012-03-28
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I will ask you the same thing I have asked SE CAPE and PIX ....Do you read the aerticles you post to support your arguement?

1) TPV says Zimmerman never used SYG law as his defense for shooting Trayvon yet the very same LA Times article TPV uses to support his statement clearly says in the very first sentence and I quote "George Zimmerman has so far avoided arrest in the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin by using Florida's "stand your ground"

* Strike 1 for TPV

2) so the politican that wrote Florida's SYG law thinks it does not apply in the Trayvon shooting ok so what is your point TPV nobody is arguing that all supporters of SYG laws are saying the shooting was justified?

*Strike 2 for TPV

3) TPV you do realize that self defense does not allow a person to instigate the confrontation or pursue the other person or not let them avoid confrontation if anyone had the right to claim self defense it would have been Trayvon since he was pursued, attacked and unable to get away and had no weapon on him and at the time was breaking no laws other then walking down the side of the street in the rain with his sweatshirt hood pulled up and talking on his cell phone.

*Strike 3 for TPV

4) You got 2 examples of black on white crime where those boys given a pat on the back and sent home with the lighter and the container of gas they used no! Have the police failed to investigate the crime committed...NO.

* Penalty flag on TPV for stupidity

TPV I appreciate the opportunity you provide on a daily basis for everyone to see what a freakin' idiot you are

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