15 Hp Electric Motor Conversion Kit.. Mars Pmac Brushless

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Date Posted : 2012-03-23
Category : Materials

The Motor Controller is made by Mars
Variable Throttle for smooth speed control
Brushless Motor design makes brush maintenance a thing of the past.
Easy foward and reverse switching with a flip of a switch
24-48V 140 Amp Mars Motor Controller....

Drive motor can be mounted inboard OR outboard.

Convert your diesel/gas engine to clean, silent electric propulsion! Very powerful and efficient package can by used on sailboats up to 30 feet long. Usually Electric Marine drive systems of this power cost $4,000 and up, but this do it yourself Electric boat kit makes it affordable at about a third of the cost.
Kit Includes: Brushless Mars PMAC motor, Mars PMAC Motor Controller 24-48V 140A, Pot box throttle, foward/Reverse switch, Ignition key, Contactor, Fuse, Wiring harness

******* Please note: Due to the high RPM of the Mars Brushless motor, we recommend using a gear reduction system rather than direct-drive. This will improve efficiency, provide proper torque and cooling, and prevent cavitation. Typical reduction is around 3:1, but will depend on the required prop RPM needed to reach hull speed. Proper reduction will enable the motor to spin your prop at the hull speed RPM of your prop when it is spinning at its max RPM. This number can be estimated using the 70 rpm/volt constant (48 volts * 70 rpm/volt ~ 3400 rpm max). *Appropriate prop required based on motor rpm and the boats hull speed.

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