Vintage Ben Pearson Equalizer Compound Bow!

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Date Posted : 2012-02-15
Category : Sporting Goods

I have a Ben Pearson Equalizer Compound Bow form between 1975-1980. I am selling this as a collectors peice and not a weapon, the reason for that is it has the red logo and not the gold graduated stripes that most all equalizers do, I have only seen one with the red logo and only one equalizer in this great of condition, they normally are missing peices and not original or damaged with scratched paint and such, this has everything and is completly original all the way down to the bow string. Many accessories including a tuning kit to find the perfect knocking position, broadheads, fieldpoints, etc. anything and everything to take care of this bow with much invested. I've been told as is in this great of condition by a gun and bow outpost that it was well worth $250 bow alone, and I didn't even know what I had till then, I took it in for a new string but was told it's more valuable all original so it's still how it was over 30 years ago. You'll never see a more unique or better condition equalizer bow for this price guaranteed. Overall value with everything is about $400 and I'm basicly gonna give it to you for the price of the bow alone. a great deal for a great bow!

Email above or call: 1(269)465-6605 and ask for Tim

My price I'd like to say is firm due to the rarity of this mainly cause of the logo. Thank you for your consideration and I hope you would be very interested in this offer, whether a collector or someone who would like to use it or have something form their childhood once again. Thank you again for looking, I hope we can do buisness.

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