Antique 1899 Army M-1892 series Krag knife bayonet

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Date Posted : 2012-02-13
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The M-1892 Bayonet, also known as the Krag Knife Bayonet for it's association with the M-1892 Krag Rifle, was the first standard production knife bayonet adopted by the US Army and produced at the Springfield Armory. Production began in 1894 and continued through 1903 although there are reposts of 1904 abd 1905 dated blades. The M-1892 Bayonet replaced a series of rod bayonets and socket style bayonets previously used in the U.S. small arms inventory.

Originally, the M-1892 was blued and issued as such in 1894 and 1895, and in a bright finish thereafter. In 1896, many bayonets that were blued were returned to the arsenal for removal of the bluing, however, small quantities of originally blued bayonets survived. form 1894 untill 1899, all of bayonets were manufactured with the rivets ground flush to the grips. begining in April 1899, all bayonets were produced with the rivets in the dome style. Bayonets returned to the Springfield Armory for refurbishing were also re-issued with domed rivets.

This was my Dad's knife. He was born in 1918, I'm not sure if he got it form my grandfather, or perhaps while he was in the Army. It is stamped "1899", and measures about 13" long with the shorter 8" blade, and still in "good" condition. The leather sheath is a littel worn, and has a hole at the end of it form the tip of the knife poking through, but still holds the knife well. $200 cash.

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