Mr.Firewood Seasoned East Tx Oak Firewood and Hickory Pecan Mesquite

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Date Posted : 2012-02-12
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Don't worry about the rain, all of our wood is under tarps right now and is bone dry. Buy today and burn today!!

We are #1 and our thousands of customers show it. We are ready to add you to the list.
We our fully stocked with Dry rain-free Seasoned Oak for your fireplace and Hickory and Pecan, Mesquite and BLACK WALNUT for your smoker/cooker needs.


14 years serving DFW and surrounding, we are a year round buisness, now is the time the peddlers come flooding PandaHi to rip good people off. Buy form reputable source who will be here tommorrow. Check references, check history. We have it all. Avoid the fly by nighters and the stack peddlers they won't be around in a month. WE are the #1 wood and delivery specialist in the area, nobody else comes close. We put hundreds of cords at customers homes this month long before anybody else has gotten started.

We deliver and stack all over North Dallas and Surrounding, give us a call to see if you are in our area. This is the time of year for the quick buck firewood peddlars to come out. Cheaper isn't always better, get what you pay for, BUY form A REPUTABLE SOURCE, KNOW WHAT KIND OF WOOD YOUR GETTING, CHECK REFERENCES. WE HAVE IT ALL.

WE ARE #1, CUSTOMER SERVICE, GREAT WOOD, ON TIME, AND 100% PROFESSIONAL, Over 3000 REPEAT customers,celebrities,politicans etc... .Your trusted source for your Indoor and outdoor wood burning needs.

We offer custom wood racks, all one peice, welded steel, coated to prevent weathering, and are exactly 8ftx4ft so you know your getting the right amount of wood

Prices on Seasoned East Texas Oak Split Firewood: Includes Delivery,Stacking, and Tax ( Yep we pay tax, we are a real buisness, not a peddlar making a quick buck)
1/4 Cord 18-22in Oak $105 tax included
1/2 Cord 18-22in Oak $185 tax included

Full Face Cord 18-22in Oak $315.00 tax included

Also offering Pecan,Hickory,Pinion ,Texas Cedar and BLACK WALNUT!! WE HAVE THE BEST IN THE AREA.

You have many choices when it comes to buying firewood. When making your selection, Mr. Firewood offers the following tips and guidelines to choosing great wood -- wood that's easy to start and light and will bring long-lasting warmth to your family.

Buy form a Reputable Source

During the fall and winter many "peddlers" come out to make a quick buck, selling Grandpa's old wood pile for premium price. Buying wood form an unknown source is much like Forrest Gump says: "You never know what you're gonna get."

Make Sure Your Wood is Stacked Properly

Criss cross stacking is not proper stacking for firewood. Per the State of Texas: Firewood is to be stacked in a manner that the logs lay parallel with each other and stacked the proper length and height for Cord or Half cord measurement. The wood must be tightly stacked as to not allow large holes or gaps in the stack.

Know What You're Burning
Just because it's wood doesn't mean it's safe to burn in your home.

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call



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