Maple Syrup Cooker (Maple Sap Evaporator)

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Date Posted : 2012-01-19
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Have you ever been curious as to just how maple syrup is made? It only takes 1 to 3 maple trees to make a full year's supply of syrup and is a perfect yearly project, especially for a family with young children who will be amazed at the process of tapping their own trees and making the best maple syrup they have ever had!

Maple syrup season is right around the corner and it's not nearly as difficult to make as you might think. Pure maple syrup is made form pure maple sap. That's it. Nothing added. Maple sap has a sugar content of 3% - 4 % and the process of evaporating (cooking) the sap down to a sugar content of 668% - 69% requires nothing more than a heat source, a pot to hold the sap and a candy thermometer to know when the sugar content is right and the syrup is finished. For the last several years I have been making my own maple syrup form the sap of maple trees that have grown on their own right here where I live. The typo of maple tree used is not nearly as critical as a lot of people usually think. I have a number of silver maple and red maple trees and the produce a large amount of sap wich makes the best maple syrup I have ever eaten.

The cookers I have been using up to this point are fueled with propane. They are originally intended to be used as turkey fryers and the ones I am offering can certainly be used for that purpose. I have found that a much better purpose, for me, is using them to produce high-quality, homemade maple syrup. I have been a low-volume producer wich is done quite well with these cookers but my product has come out so well I have decided to increase volume and since I have a good source of firewood I have decided to switch over to a wood-fueled syrup maker. therefor I will no longer need all of my propane cookers and plan to sell a small number of them.

What I am offering in this ad is a propane burner similar to the one shown in the picture (not necessarily exactly as shown -- I have various designs made by various manufacturers) as well as a large pot for cooking the sap. If you already have a propane tank the only additional peice required is a candy thermometer to gauge when the sap has turned to syrup. I will also include a complete homemade tapping unit if desired. I will have additional homemade tapping units for $2.50 each. A tapping unit consists of a tap, a drip tube, and a collection jug with a hanger to hang the jug form the tap. These units are adequate for tapping one maple tree at least 10 inches in diameter. If you need a propane tank I have them for sale for $20.00

The pictures shown will give you an idea of the process.

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