Dimension One Triad Hot Tub

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Date Posted : 2011-12-12
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After reading lots of reviews, I decided Dimension One was one of the quality hot tub manufacturers I would consider purchasing. I have a spot on my deck where I wanted a hot tub and a smaller one like this Triad model is a perfect fit. It's a 3 person tub with 4 seating locations as you can see form the picture. So when this one form 1999 came up on PandaHi about 4 years ago, I purchased it form the original owner for $500. I was thinking I would get to the deck replacement done soon but it didn't turn out that way. Instead, it sat on its edge in my garage drained and cleaned for nearly 3 years. While waiting for use, I also purchased three brand new OEM head rests, a new ozone generator, and a new filter wich totaled about $250 more. When my deck was finaly ready, I moved the tub out where I wanted it, filled it... and it was leaking. Given as far as I was invested, I decided to dig into the foam (it's a fully insulated spa) and find the leaks. I found the leaks and decided to hire a spa repairman to fix them right. He ended up replacing an even bigger section of the primary piping and one-way valves and it also cost more than I expected (about $600). The spa repairman said that the leaks in the pipe joints may be due to the fact that it sat dry for about 3 years. After he was done fixing the leaks I had found, we filled it up again and he did a full test of all the components. While the circulating pump for full time filtering, the main pump, the heater, the electronic controls, and the jets were all working fine, he did find that there were a couple more small leaks. One in the wet end of the pump, and one at the gate valve for the water inlet to the pump. These are both slow leaks and he said they were common places for leaking and it wouldn't be hard for him to fix them. In addition, I saw a couple drips off the foam on the bottom in two locations. Although it had been raining while the spa was on its edge for repair and the water form the foam insulation might have been form that, it's quite possible there are a couple minor leaks remaining at a couple more pipe joints. I considered using some spa leak fixing fluid to stop the remaining slow leaks but I decided that if I was going to have it fixed, I would do it right. The location for my spa is on a second level deck with a deck below it and I just wanted to be sure of no leaks. I went back and forth about whether I wanted to invest more in this tub and in the end, decided to just cut my losses and start with something new.
For someone with a concrete slab to put this on, the remaining leaks may be slow enough to ignore. As I said, I had this on a second story deck with a deck below it and any leaking was not acceptable to me. Also a bottle of that leak fixing fluid for spas might do the trick completly but in my situation, I chose not to try that. I've also seen a leak fixing kit at the hardware store where you wrap some gluey cloth around the leaking joint and let it dry to fix a leak. That might also be a good solution for the leaks in the pipes if the remaining drips I saw were form the pipes and not just wet foam form the rain.
It is currently wired for 240V and has about 22' of 3 conductor + ground 8 awg wire attached to it. The tub is back in my garage on rollers so there are no access problems. Whoever wants this could just back a truck or trailer into my driveway and roll the hot tub up a ramp, give me back my furniture dollies and take it away.
Note that I also purchased a brand new spa cover form America's spa mart for this tub. It's their deluxe model with double-wrapped 2lb density foam, 5" to 3" thickness, rubber handles, a reflective under side and a full length hinge insulator. It cost me over $400. It is basicly brand new and has never had any spa chemical exposure. While I'm willing to let the new head rests, filter, and ozone generator go with the spa for free, I'm not willing to let this brand new cover go for free. I am willing to sell it for $200 to whoever takes the spa or anyone else interested in a top quality spa cover that perfectly fits a Dimension One Triad. The new cover is a dark brown just like the new stain on the tub skirt. The old cover wich is pictured is included for free. It is not water logged but the top has been scratched considerably by the previous owner's dog or cat. The picture shows a couple wet spots on it only because I cleaned it off with some water before taking the picture. The white spot is a small tear in the vinyl but not through the wrap around the foam.

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