Rare Vintage Jbl L65 Jubal Speakers Work Perfectly

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Date Posted : 2011-11-16
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Perfectly working vintage JBL L65 Jubal Speakers with all original parts priced for a quick local cash sale - $625

These speakers have been moved three times over the past 35 years and I am not moving them again. On a couple of these moves they suffered cosmetic damage, and even though they are the nicest speakers that I have ever heard I need to let them go. If you can bear with some blemishes to the cosmetic condition, this is a very inexpensive way to buy some phenomenal speakers made when JBL was the best speaker company in the world!

All of the functioning parts (woofers, tweeters, etc.) are the original parts and both look and play fine -- the speakers themselves have never needed repair or replacement. The factory foam edges on the woofers were replenished about 5 years ago and they look like new -- this was done professionally and was not cheap. The two adjustment dials have a littel bit of static when you move them, but are clean once you stop moving them. This is apparantly typical for 35 year old speakers, and if you know what you are doing a spray of electronic cleaner will clean them up.

While there are no issues with the working parts, there are some cosmetic issues with the outer cabinets. The main issue is that one side of one of the cabinets has three dings to the side and rear edges. The overall condition of all of the sides, back and front of both of the speaker cabinets is excellent besides these dings, but the three chips on the edges of one side are substantial. Also, both of the smoked glass tops cracked during one move and were disposed of years ago. So please know that these are cosmetically blemished, but the blemishes do not affect their ability to play music at all. The photo that I posted is an online photo and the cabinets shown are in better condition than mine - I will try to take some photos of my own if they don't sell the first day.

In trying to figure out their value, I have looked online and see that these JBL L65 Jubal speakers sell for between $800 and $1,000 when the working speaker parts are like mine, but if the cabinets are in better condition. I also see that just these JBL 077 "Crystal Slot" tweeters regularly sell for $500 just by themselves. I was offered $375 JUST FOR THE TWEETERS within 15 minutes of posting them on PandaHi today! I have also seen the 12" JBL (L122A?) Alnico woofers go for $150 - $200 for the pair, and the JBL LE-5 midranges go for between $70 - $100 a pair. The crossovers go for $50 - $70 a pair. Even the grills, wich are in great shape and have their original contoured grill frame and JBL brown grill cloth, go for up to $75 a pair. If you add all that up, these parts alone without the cabinet are worth between $850 - $950. So I feel that $625 is a great price, and while I couldn't bear to just break these apart and sell the parts for more money, you can do what you wish with them. At this price, there is no risk to you because you already have substantially more value then you are paying for, and these vintage JBL parts will become ever more rare, desirable and expensive.

I am looking for a sale local to me in Mill Valley, CA in Marin County. This is a cash sale, and I know that I can get $625 for these -- that is a great price -- so please don't expect to meet me and try to get the price lower. These speakers are both very big ( 24 ½" x 17 ½" x 13 1/8") and very heavy -- these probaly won't fit in your back seat. You'll need a SUV / van / pick up truck to move them. I can deliver them to you if you are near to me in Mill Valley.

Please don't ask me if these are still for sale -- if the ad is on PandaHi then they are still for sale. I won't reply to an email unless you leave a phone number.

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