Cymax Stores is a scam! Do not order from them.

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Date Posted : 2011-07-31
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My fiance and I ordered a crib and changing table from Cymax Stores. They gladly took the $500+ from our bank account and the amount immediately cleared. It was said to be shipped within 3-5 business day via FedEx. I was so excited to receive it so quick!

We were told we would be given a tracking number once the product had shipped out. We never received one. We had waited around on the "shipping date" for the delivery that never happened. FedEx had no knowledge of any sort of shipment from Cymax or to our address.

We began calling Cymax. We were switched to many different people and told many different things, such as our card had to be verified (even though the amount was already cleared from the bank). Each time we spoke with a service representative we were given multiple excuses for why our order hadn't gone through and given a different estimated shipping date.

At a later date, we were again told that our item was on its way and would arrive via FedEx once again. Customer service said they could not change the date because the products had already shipped so we took the day off of work to receive the item and not have to make them reschedule, thinking it would ensure that we received our product. Our status on the account never changed from "Processing" and once again, the order never came and FedEx had no clue.

We were emailed late that night that our order had been placed on back order. We called the next day and they said there was nothing that could be done. They said we would be emailed once it shipped out. They estimated it would be approximately one week. I told them their website still had this product listed as in-stock and available for immediate delivery. They said they hadn't updated their website and would immediately. They never did.

In the few following days, we never received an email from Cymax about our product or its status. Our online account status also never changed from "Processing".

Weeks later, our online account status updated to "Shipped". The product was sent via BAX GLOBAL (an internation courier service) and departed from Newark, NJ. Per the shipper's site our product had shipped. We were never informed by Cymax at all.

We contacted Bax Global directly and we told our estimated delivery date was one week later (though their site clearly showed that our product had already arrived in our city). They said we could pick up the package ourselves or they could deliver it that weekday; however, if no one is there to receive it when they deliver it, the package would be returned to Cymax Stores.

So, one month after ordering from and paying Cymax, we finally got our product to reach our city via some not well-known shipper that does not have flexible delivery options and no customer service skills.

I took another day off of work to have our package shipped because picking it up wasn't an option since I can't lift more than 5lbs in my current condition and it needed to go up two flights of stairs into the nursery. The package was delivered by a dirty, obese man in a semi. He said we didn't opt for the shipping service that pays for him to unload his truck so I called my fiance to leave work and carry the 200lb crib & changing table up by himself. Finally though, we got it and we were happy we wouldn't have to deal with Cymax anymore!

But of course.... we get the thing unpacked and it's broken(on a weight-bearing piece non-the-less) and it doesn't even have the mini-rail that was supposed to be included. Super.

So, I will be calling Cymax again... and hopefully before the baby comes in 4 months... we will have a functional crib. Doubtful but hopefully.

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