Vintage Kastinger Peter Habeler Mountaineering Boots

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Date Posted : 2011-07-27
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One of the finest pair of mountaineering boots ever made. One piece leather uppers, virtually new vibram soles with only one use. And unbelievably, they still have that new boot smell. Just some very, very minor scuffing on the front from crampons during their one and only use.

This is a vintage pair of Italian Mountaineering Boots made by Kastinger. They are the Peter Habeler Superlight model. Size inside is MM 11 1/2. The measure about 12.35 inches long from heel to toe (placed against wall), and they measure 4 and 1/8 inches at widest part of foot. They measure 8" tall from floor to ankle top.These were the best of the best boots of their day for Mountaineering; they Date from the mid-1980's. They are in excellent / like new condition. The Vibram soles virtually no wear whatsoever. The leather is in excellent condition with only a few light surface scuffs. Mountaineering Boots are leather boots with a laminated wood stiffener built in so the boots are stiff, and don't flex when climbing ice in crampons. I have been a mountain climber for 33+ years and a climbing guide for 27 years. I still consider these to be the very best mountaineering boots you can buy. The new boots are most all made of plastic and have little or no ability to breathe and don't have much going for them. These boots, on the other hand, are the Cadillac of mountaineering boots.

So why sell them? simple, my feet were too large for them. I have another pair of mountain boots that I climb in and they are of the same vintage and have served me well for many ascents. These Kastinger Superlleicht boots will last a lifetime of mountain climbing and will help get you out of whatever trouble you might encounter in the mountains. Coupled with a good reliable ice axe, they are a climbers best friends.

High quality mountaineering boots go from about $350 to $600 new. I'm going to let these go for a steal at $250. These have not depreciated one dollar from the day they were bought and likely have appreciated substantially. That will be your gain.

It is a shame, even criminal, to hang on to these incredible boots if all they do is sit in my gear cache for another year. So part with them I must. Please come and wear them and take them to the high alpine places where they belong and they will loyally serve you in the mountains and peaks from the Rockies to the Andes and beyond.

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