1978 Lincoln Mark V Convertible - Trade - 4x4 or Sailboat

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Date Posted : 2011-05-27
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1978 Lincoln Convertible, TRADE: 4x4 3/4 ton or Sailboat - $8,900 (Saline, Michigan)

For reference, a similar car just sold on Ebay for $12,075. Go to:


Trades: I need a 4x4 extended cab pickup, preferably with an 8' bed. Trucks with bed campers considered. I will consider trading up. Looking for as new and low mileage a truck as I can get. I have no interest in older restored trucks. I would like to have a 22-30' sailboat. The boat must be shallow draft (under 3'), come with a trailer, and be launched from the trailer. I do not want an old sailboat with soft spots or boats needing other work I will consider catamarans, day sailors, weekenders, and racers/cruisers.

Only about 100 of these Lucerne convertibles were made, making it very rare. I have the original Lucerne brochure. Dealers sold you a coupe and you paid Ford Motor Co. an extra $10,000 to have the car made into a convertible. Ford used the same procedure to make all Mustang convertibles for several years. Nissan also used this procedure to make all 1992-1994 240SX convertibles.

This was a California car most of its life. It has never been winter driven. It was repainted once long ago. It is white with a white leather interior and a crack free burgundy dash and burgundy carpet. The original chrome is all excellent. The convertible top and boot are very old. It has 92,000 miles on it.

It has a large back seat with lots of foot room for adults. It has a 460 V8 (last year) that Ford detuned to 175 horsepower during the last gas crunch, allowing some owners to claim the car can get up to 18 mpg on the highway on regular. It has 4 wheel disc brakes. It has new: tires, front end alignment, dual exhaust, transmission, brakes, battery, convertible top motor, and trunk lid struts. The engine is very quiet. It is an extremely smooth and quiet driving car. There is very little wind buffeting with the top down. It is an ultimate "Woodward" cruiser, a lot like sitting on your living room sofa looking out a picture window and then driving away. It is the modern equivalent of the classic 1930's cars with upright grills and long hoods. The mechanicals of this car are enormously superior to older cars, yet without having any newer car problematic electronics to deal with. It has full power including top, cruise, and intermittent wipers. It was also made with good steel unlike most U.S. manufactured cars from 1969-1976 which had low temperature Japanese steel and rusted badly from inside out. Its mint 1978 Michigan license plate (1976 Bi-Centennial with 78 sticker) goes with it.

I have the original factory sales literature, the Lucerne convertible brochure, the owner's manual, and a set of the workshop manuals. There is extra new burgundy carpeting included. I also have some burgundy armrests and door pulls as I was thinking of changing some of the white pieces.

This car is a good looking and comfortable driver now. The front suspension is tight, no pulling. It stops smoothly in a straight line. The seat switches need repair. The two piece glass back window hinge is separating The A/C, cruise, and air horns have not been used in years, and are not functioning now due to a missing (stolen?) wiring section.

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