Found Brown Tiger and white Cat (female)

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Date Posted : 2011-05-17
Category : Lost Found

A female cat has been showing up outside our house for a week or so now. She comes around in the evening because she knows we will give her food.

She is a brown and black tabby cat (tiger striped pattern) with distinct white markings on her body. She weighs maybe 8-9 pounds (estimate). She also appears very clean and well kept (no matted fur, no fleas, clean ears, etc.) -- leading me to believe she has not been on the street for long.

She has no collar, but appears to have been fixed (has extra weight and a possible surgical scar on her belly). She is very sweet, people friendly, and vocal. She comes when called ("here kitty kitty"), and does enjoy being petted.

While she is eager to get inside the house, we have not been able to let her in because of our own cats. I did put a travel crate with bedding on our porch for her... but I am not sure if she is sleeping there. I know she is safe because our neighabors and I keep an eye on her.... but I would like to help her find her way home.

I will try to post a picture of her soon... but if you think she may be your cat, please email with her description. If you can tell describe the color of her eyes or describe her white markings I will know she is yours.

Our neighborhood is located at Davis Ave -- off of Washington Square, near Mt. Hope and Cedar St. We are close to Moores Park, several apartments, and subdivisions, so she may have come from there.


PS I am not sure if this helps, but I heard there was lady in pink nursing scrubs walking through our neighborhood calling for a "kitty kitty" a week or so ago. I am not sure if this woman may have been the owner, but I have not been able to locate her.

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